Chrystale Wilson was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but was reared in northern California by her mother, Ethel Cook-Wilson. After completing Sacramento City College, she moved back to Atlanta, Georgia where she worked at several major law firms before auditioning for and receiving her first major film role.

In l997, Chrystale debuted in The Players Club, written and produced by Ice Cube. As "Ronnie" a scene-stealing villainess, she received rave reviews.

Roger Ebert, Chicago-Sun times, Inc. stated, "...the movie has strong scenes for all major characters....the scene with the police officers would have been less believable were it not for Wilson's convincing performance...."

Gene Seymour, The Los Angeles Times reported, "...Ronnie, the club's star dancer, was played with malevolent gusto by rookie film actor, Chrystale Wilson....such a strong presence."

Chrystale has since appeared in Trois,a Rob Hardy Production which premiered in Paris, France and was released in the United States, February, 2000.

Munsun Steed of Rolling Out Magazine stated, "Even though Wilson's role was not major, her performance was most believable and memorable."

In Locked Down, starring Richard T. Jones (The Wood), Chrystale plays the character Dana. Director John Luessenhop has critically praised the stellar performance and professionalism of Chrystale.

Chrystale's talents are not only manifested in front of the camera, but in other domains of film-making as well. She wrote and produced a film titled Groupies, in which she plays the lead character Mia Moore. While actively pursuing her career in writing and producing, Chrystale also looks forward to her future roles in film and/or television.

"The color of rain is so clear to me now, it washed away my pain as I hide amongst the clouds, and all of the storms I have come to know, I'm not afraid anymore they have allowed me to grow."



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